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STAMsquare: Ghent rows – 150 years of Club Gent

06.06.2021 12.10.2021
Roeiclub STAM

The Watersportbaan (“Water Sports Course”) cuts a shining swathe right through Ghent. It is the home base for Ghent’s Royal Rowing Club, the Koninklijke Roeivereniging Club Gent. Founded in 1871 by a few rowing enthusiasts, today it is a thriving sports association and, as one of the oldest in the country, a club that shares a rich history with the Watersportbaan and the city.

This mini exhibition celebrates 150 years of Club Gent and looks at how the association helped to shape the city. Living fragments of Ghent make their appearance in the museum, on the STAMsquare. The rowers delved into the club’s archives and collection and the museum compiled the results into a capsule exhibition: a perfect example of the coordination and cooperation that defines rowing.

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