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Children’s trail through 'The story of Ghent'

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Feel free to touch! Our ‘Story of Ghent’ update includes a fun children’s trail that leads through every room in the museum.

Each room relates to a specific period in the city’s history and contains an interactive installation designed for children. Children become merchants, craftspeople, architects or city trippers and participate in city life. They sell cloth, make coats of arms, face façades and work out routes. All at their own pace.

The children’s trail was designed with the 6 to 12 age group in mind, but it can also be enjoyed by younger and older children. Give it a go together!

... - 1200

Ghent owed its astonishing growth and prosperity to its cloth trade. It brought people to Ghent from all over Europe. Extol the virtues of that trade, like a real market vendor, even in languages you don’t know. And laugh!

1200 - 1600

In the Middle Ages Ghent was a rich and powerful metropolis. Trades mastered by craftsmen played an important role. To protect their common interests, the craftsmen formed clubs known as guilds. Make rubbings of their coats of arms and see what appears!

1600 - 1800

A city reveals itself in its buildings. Buildings speak. As well as factories and workers’ dwellings, Ghent also boasts imposing mansions. Decorate façades from that period according to the booklet, or mix and match styles. A game with magnets!

1800 - ...

Make your way through modern-day Ghent on the map and follow the instructions on our city trip news ticker. Map out the route, and take it with you. Maybe you can also explore it for real.

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