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STAMsquare: ‘The square kilometre' Neuseplein & Brugse Poort

07.12.2020 06.03.2022

STAMsquare is a separate part of the museum with a changing programme of events and activities. The idea is that it can be visited separately from the rest of the museum and free of charge. However, owing to corona restrictions, for the time being that is not possible and you do need a museum ticket.

Come along to STAMsquare and discover the results of the first two instalments of the heritage project ‘The square kilometre’: Neuseplein and Brugse Poort.


Film reports

Historian Tina De Gendt heads for the district that was home to the former bargees who worked the Ghent/Terneuzen Canal. She brings the area to life in short film reports with a smattering of history and new stories. Hairdresser Jacky Lagrou and chip shop owner Rifat Alci play the lead roles.

At Brugse Poort she walks with locals past the only alleyway houses with front gardens, gets to the bottom of the Rifboys’ extraordinary commitment and examines the temporary repurposing of De Meubelfabriek from a historical perspective. She also looks at why the district has become Ghent’s garage Walhalla. All this with first-hand witnesses.

Neuseplein Website

Drawings and photographs

The search for supposedly lost collections and as yet unerased traces of the past, for urban legends and anecdotes translates into a series of drawings and photographs.


Word and image

On STAMplein word and image reveal the findings of the investigation into the mystery of the indefatigable ‘Band of the Grey Sisters’ (Fanfare van de Grijze Zusters), which Tina De Gendt managed to solve with the help of local residents and organizations.

6 8 BP Kiekenstraat1977 Rijksarch PAR102 6627

Take-away postcards

Take home your favourite postcard as an invitation to yourself to (re)discover the city.

Views of Ghent

Apart from 'The square kilometre', on STAMplein you will also find the digital application ‘Views of Ghent’. Travel through time from 1534 to the present day. Zoom in on four maps of Ghent, whose wealth of material shows how the city has changed physically.

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