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When it reopened in December 2020, STAM unveiled STAMsquare, the square that varies in size and in what it contains and with a place for ‘The square kilometre’.

What is history, what is heritage? STAM had already explored these questions by bringing the city inside and going out into the city. Now STAM has installed a square in the museum.

History is written in Ghent every day. Not only in the town hall and at the university, but also in neighbourhoods and streets, by everyone. On display in this square in the museum is a collection of fragments from the living city. Sometimes things move around, disappear or are added, as on a real square.

A place where you feel at home

We want STAMsquare to be a welcoming place where you feel at home. You are encouraged to pop in at any time and see what catches your eye, free of charge and separate from ‘The story of Ghent’ museum trail for which a charge is made.

Changing programme with one permanent element

The content of STAMsquare will change, just as it does on a real square. You might find a guest exhibition, or a smaller exhibition of collections belonging to Ghent citizens or items from STAM’s own collection.

The square kilometre heritage project, which is all about the city itself, will have a place there. Sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. No fixed format, but a presence in accordance with the collected material and in dialogue with those who have contributed to it. What and how will be addressed for each tile. A place for a workshop, a presentation, a workstation, an installation, or….who knows what ‘The square kilometre’ will produce!

Metamorphizing square

The square itself will change size and comprise one or more spaces according to what is on the programme. You will find the square at ground level through the entrance hall and over the glass footbridge.

Right now

We launched the STAMsquare programme by putting the spotlight on ‘The square kilometre’. Come and discover extracts from the first two instalments of our long-running city heritage project: Neuseplein and Brugse Poort. Read more about it here.

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