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at home. building and living in communities

10.05.2018 16.09.2018
Athome Web
  • May 10th - September 16th 2018
  • Gallery texts: NL - EN - DE
  • An exhibition from DAM (Deutsches Architekturmuseum)
  • I.s.m. Architectuurwijzer

The travelling exhibition ‘At home. Building and Living in Communities' from the DAM, German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt can be seen in the abbey church at STAM in the spring and summer of 2018.
Foto: Michael Feser

As collective building and living can take any number of different forms, it is both worthwhile and interesting to show examples side by side. In this exhibition twenty-one foreign reference projects show how collectivity can lead to innovative solutions for living at close quarters.

The projects are on display in the form of plans, models and photographs. Background information about the financing, legal form and necessary planning stages is also provided.

Perhaps you recognize yourself and your building and living ambitions in the case studies, or perhaps not? This exhibition is packed with inspirational examples.

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