city of tomorrow: a glimpse of where we're going

Aglimpse Stam

A city is never a finished product, and Ghent is growing. How can we set about tackling the shortage of space in an intelligent and sustainable manner? How do we ensure that the city remains liveable? What ideas and dreams are there for the future? Artist Elly Van Eeghem has created a multidisciplinary exhibition on this very subject entitled: ‘A glimpse of where we're going’ and it doesn’t conform to planning guidelines for the zone.

Curious to find out how they see urbanization in the future, Elly Van Eeghem has invited contributions by some thirty artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and urban planners. She also shows pilot projects by Ghent residents, concrete answers to some of the challenges Ghent will face in the future.

with work by

With work by Simon Allemeersch (theatre maker), Mathias Bienstman (philosopher/economist) & & Gerard Leysen (illustrator), Paul Blondeel (city researcher) & Lieven Soete(urbanist/photographer), Carll Cneut (illustrator), Thomas Dawance (city researcher), Luc Deleu(artist/architect), Michiel Dehaene (urbanist) , Luc Deleu (artist/architect), Jan De Maeseneer (doctor), Rebekka de Wit (theatre maker/writer), Stijn Dickel (sound artist), Fikry El Azzouzi (writer), Sidharta Gautama (ICT researcher), Naomi Kerkhove (artist), Toma Muteba Luntumbue (artist), Laura Muyldermans & Arian Schelstraete (architects), Kris Peeters (mobility expert), Wim Rasschaert (lawyer), Mira Sanders & Cédric Noël (artists), Riet Steel (social educationalist), Wannes Degelin (community worker) & & Peter Goes (illustrator), Adrien Tirtiaux (artist), Jonas Vansteenkiste & Veerle Michiels (artists), Peter Vermeersch (musician) & & Jonas Apers (painter), Kaatje Vermeire (illustrator), Els Vervloesem (architect), EVR-Architecten (Luc Eeckhout, Marieke De Ridder, Thijs Urban, Febe Roels, Mathieu Verougstraete, Wart Thys & Niels Rappe) Spatial Design Studio (Sint-Lucas School of Art Ghent), Baken Stadslabo Ostend (socio-artistic collective), Masters Seminar Participation in the Arts (KASK School of Arts Ghent), (environmental organization), (residents Bloemekens neighbourhood), (residents Malem), (residents Wondelgem), (residents Brugsepoort), (residents Gentbrugge/Ledeberg), etc.


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