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01.03.2012 17.02.2013
Lichtopgroen Stam

Ghent is a metropolis where a couple of hundred thousand people live, work, shop and study. The city is densely populated and has relatively few parks and gardens, so finding space for more greenery in this urban area is an on-going challenge.

Where can woodland be added? Is it possible to plant trees in every street? Are nature and a harbour area compatible? The City of Ghent is constantly looking for answers to these questions. It is currently working on a green city master plan, which fleshes out the principles of the spatial master plan in terms of greenery, nature, woodland and landscape.

Between March 1st and December 16th 2012 STAM’s gallery of the future is making a feature of nature and open spaces. You can find out how policy was implemented a hundred years ago and what the challenges are for future years. You can even go and sit on the burgomaster’s chair and find out for yourself how easy or difficult it is to make policy decisions by playing an interactive computer game.

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