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18 in 18. isabel pousset

24.06.2018 06.01.2019
Isabel Pousset 18In18 Stampia


  • Photos in the garden in front of STAM
  • From June 24th till November 4th 2018
  • Free
  • 24/7

In the series of portraits entitled ‘18 in 18’, photographer Isabel Pousset directs the lens of her Hasselblad camera at young people born in Ghent in the year 2000. She photographs them at a watershed in their lives, on the threshold of adulthood, with the city as the backdrop. These young people are the face of the city of tomorrow. In their own way, they take ownership of the city and help create the future. Their portraits are on display in a photographic exhibition in the garden in front of STAM.

The photographs are accompanied by audio portraits (in Dutch), podcasts made by Lien Dewaele and Ward Schouppe. More instalments will be added over the exhibition months.

A project supported by the City of Ghent


  • Mentormentor Black
  • C Fedn Zmz 400X400

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