The STAM shop is located in the entrance hall and is open when the museum is open.

the STAMshop range

Are you into Ghent and/or towns and cities in general? Are you looking for a novel gift? The STAMshop stocks a selection of publications, postcards, posters and gifts.

You’ll find bibs and bodysuits for babies bearing messages like 'Geboren Gentenaar' (True-born Ghent Citizen) or 'Tsiepmuile' (Cry Baby), fridge poetry with typical Ghent dialect words, and much more besides. Come and see for yourself!


If you can’t make up your mind what to buy, you can always give a gift voucher for the STAMshop. Or for a museum visit... an ‘experience day’ gift always goes down well! You may even like to throw in a good cup of coffee or lunch at the STAMcafé! Vouchers available from the STAMcafé.