From dot to dot: 'The Story of Ghent' in 15 objects

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No time or don’t feel like exploring ‘The Story of Ghent’ from A to Z? From now on, with the help of our brand new practical guide, you can follow a ‘quicktour’ through 15 unique and must-see objects at STAM. It’s compact, fast and on top of that, perfectly justified contentwise!

Available for free at the start of your visit at the front desk.

In three languages

Available in Dutch, French and English.

The beginning of a series

This first edition of ‘From dot to dot’ combines the key elements of STAM: ‘The Story of Ghent’ permanent exhibition and the STAM collection. For the next editions in this series, it could be either thematically, based on a person’s choice or customized to a target group. A wealth of opportunities to add extra layers to our exhibitons.

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