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We are thoroughly familiar with the city aboveground. But what is hidden away out of sight underneath the houses and streets? In the Underground in the city exhibition, STAM reveals the world under our feet!

The earth is made up of many layers, which are billions of years old. Only in the top layer of the earth’s crust is the ecosystem at work. That natural stratum teeming with plant and animal life is also occupied by man. He routs around and digs there for all sorts of reasons... and he builds cities there. Cities that are as busy underground as they are aboveground.

The higher the buildings, the deeper the foundations. Sewers, waste, storage and garages? Excavate! Tunnels help alleviate congestion, allowing us to move around quickly. Kilometre after kilo- metre of pipes and cables provide the city with water, energy and data. Underground infrastructures make the city above them habitable.

It is also to the underground that we entrust our most precious treasures; it is where we seek refuge and bury our dead. Look deep below ground and marvel at the city under the city.

In association with Rotor and Studio ORKA.

English tours available upon request

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