If you are proud of Ghent’s cultural heritage and want to help ensure that STAM can continue to manage it actively, why not consider including STAM in your will, or becoming a volunteer?

Under the motto “even when you are no longer here, you can mean more than you think”, the not-for-profit organization encourages people to include a good cause in their will. It works with a whole range of organizations, including STAM.

In your will you can leave money or other possessions to a person or an organization. It’s called a legacy or bequest. A duo bequest is particularly interesting because it benefits your heirs and the heritage institution you want to support. With a duo bequest you leave a part of your estate to a heritage institution and another part to your heirs. The heritage institution pays all the inheritance taxes, including those of your other heirs.

STAM is a member of More information is available on their website.

become a volunteer

If you prefer to support STAM with your time and commitment, you can be actively involved as a volunteer and do very worthwhile work that reflects your particular interests. At the same time, you will meet other like-minded volunteers, young and old.

a new acquisition?

STAM’s collection grows year on year. Our staff are always on the lookout for pieces that complement the collection. Perhaps you have something you would like to give, bequeath or sell?

If you have an item that would be suitable for STAM’s collection, feel free to get in touch. In the first instance, please provide us with a photograph of the object and any background information.

STAM's collection manager: Bram Janssens
T +32 (0)9 267 14 65